Dura Ace C36-TL Wheelset **CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICE**

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Product Description

With stunning acceleration, the new DURA-ACE R9270 C36 wheelset will change the way you experience climbs, corners, even stop lights. This is because it isn't just how much a wheel weighs but where the weight is on the wheel that matters. The all-new C36 design shaves mass at every opportunity but especially at the rim. The result is a lively wheelset that can transform your ride.

With both a lighter, wider all-carbon rim and a lighter hub, the new DURA-ACE C36 won't shy away from a day of climbing. The new rim is 36 mm deep and still delivers good aerodynamic efficiency despite its gossamer weight. Meanwhile the hub features an alloy FREEHUB body and new engagement mechanism for increased rigidity.


  • All-round tubeless wheels with balanced aerodynamics and lightweight materials
  • 36 mm height full carbon rim
  • Internal rim width: 21 mm

    * Please Note: Only compatible with new Shimano 12-Speed cassettes