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S-Works 7 Shoe

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Reg: $500

A Closer Connection Everything is new. Everything is better. Stiffer, lighter, closer—the S-Works 7 spares no expense in transferring your power straight to the pedals.
Comfort For 10,000km, Not Just 10km
New materials. New construction. And the Body Geometry features you love. S-Works 7 will change your expectations forever.
How the Best Should Look
Seldom is luxury a feeling associated with cycling shoes—until now. We cleaned up all the lines, used exclusive materials, and added some functional pop with exclusive BOA® dials.

Body Geometry

Body Geometry features are a vital link between you and your bike, and you won't find them from anyone else. Every aspect has been ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to boost power, increase efficiency, and to reduce the chance of injury. Comfort like this wasn't an accident, it's science.

Metatarsal Button
Bye-bye hotspots. Our footbeds make hot spots and numbness things of the past. They do it by lifting and separating the bones of the forefoot, putting less pressure on nerves and arteries.
Varus Wedge
Hip, knee, and foot alignment are built-in. With 1.5 millimeters of angled support in the forefoot, S-Works 7 improves biomechanical efficiency. The result? More power and more comfort.
Longitudinal Arch
Better power transfer. More efficiency. Our footbeds' longitudinal arch support prevent your arches from collapsing during your pedal stroke, so every watt is accounted for and nothing is wasted.
*Bikes and components may not be exactly as shown, specifications are subject to change without notice.