SES 4.5 Tubular

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Reg: $2850-$3600



DT SWISS 350 hubs - $ 2850
DT SWISS 240 hubs - $ 3250
CHRIS KING hubs    - $ 3600

The ultimate everyday carbon fiber cycling wheelset and choice of Team Dimension Data.


Perhaps the ultimate all-round, high performance wheelset, the 4.5 debuted the second generation SES profile. It delivers outright class-leading speed while retaining a very low weight and incredible stability. No wonder it’s the go-to wheel for Team Dimension Data.

The all-new SES rim profile has a significantly revised curvature and increased widths that are optimized for 25mm tires in modern frames with greater clearances. This allows air to flow smoothly over the rim – it remains ‘attached’ – even at high crosswind angles and to reattach quicker after a strong side gust. These important advances make the 4.5 both extremely fast and stable for its depth.

In challenging conditions, wind-steer is all but eliminated and side force builds and releases smoothly and predictably, so you can ride and race with complete confidence. How fast is the 4.5? Compared to the first line of SES wheels, the 4.5 essentially matches the aerodynamics of the older 6.7, which was itself ballistic yet much deeper at 60mm front and 70mm rear, and of course heavier with it. Nothing of a similar depth or weight gets close to the speed of the 4.5. NEED TO KNOW: • Class leading aerodynamics and weight • Incredible stability in gusty conditions • Second generation SES rim profile • All-new rim profiles of 48 and 56mm • Optimized width for 25mm tires

Rim Weight 361g 399g 760g
DT 240 575g 753g 1328g
King R45 569g 743g 1312g
ENVE Carbon 558g 709g 1267g


Depth 48mm 56m
Internal Width 18.5mm 17mm
External Width 27mm 25.5mm
Hole Count 20 24
Effective Rim Diameter 563mm 545mm
Aero Optimized Tire Size 25c 25c
Tubeless Compatible? No No
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